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    Would like to view my offline Avantgo content thru Blazer, not Avantgo. Why? Avantgo's buttons are at the top of mt treo and really hard to reach, while Blazer's are easier and at the bottom. Also, I'll only need one app to see my online and offline content. I want to set a bookmark in Blazer or better yet, put a local link on my treo home page. I think that all I need is the URL to my local Avantgo home page. I have had a hard time finding it. Anyone know what it is?
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    I don't think that you are going to get what you are looking for. Avantgo doesn't store web pages and graphics in the basic file system, but rather stores them in a database file proprietary to Avantgo. Therefor, you can't just load a file like file://avantgo/index.html. The file system supported by the Palm kind of makes the DOS file system look really advanced, so this kind of database access is needed if you want to store large numbers of files and pages.
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    You can try enabling the hard buttons for Back/Forward in the AvantGo preferences - that should alleviate the annoyance of having to reach up to the top of the screen.

    'Course then you can't leave AvantGo by pressing 2 of the hard buttons... but it's an option.
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