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    I just wanted to say thanks to Handspring, for their little update. I've been trying to figure when the exact time for me to go totally bluetooth will be and I see that time in the horizon. However, for now some may be able to search down to a previous thread where I was looking for plug and play from my SD card in my Casio EX to my 90. TONIGHT I GOT IT, now I need to figure out how to overclock the 90 so it uploads the xternal pictures quicker.
    Help out there? Thanks in advance
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    For overclocking, try FastCPU. I was able to overclock my treo 90 to 54 Mhz without crashing. It was a very noticeable speedup. The battery drained faster, but still not as fast as my Prism without the speedup.
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    After you did the update to 4.1H2, do you still have the Mail & Expense programs on you device? It appears that the update has removed these on several units (I can't see how it could only do this on selective units).

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    Mine were removed too. Is it possible to use other mail clients (multimail, eudora mail) to sync to desktop as a temporary solution?
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    My Mail and Expense are still there and working fine after I updated. Most apps on the Treo are not running from ROM, but are compressed in ROM and loaded to RAM after a hard reset. So it may be possible to delete these apps from the system. If you do a hard reset (backup first!) they might reappear.
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    I had the same problem when I downloaded the update. My Mail and Expenses programs were erased. I am using Dataviz Mail. Since I did not backup, can someone suggest how to reload the Expense program? Thanks.
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    I tried hard reset but no luck. I emailed handspring and mentioned a number of people is missing mail/expense programs on treocentral, and got handspring's reply as follows:
    (censored when necessary)


    Thank you for contacting Handspring Technical Support.

    We understand that the Mail and Expense program from your unit have been erased after installing the Treo 90 Updater.

    Please call the Customer Care Line at 888.565.9393 and have the unit replaced for free if it is still covered by the 1 year warranty. Please refer to the case number xxxxxxx.

    If you ever have any questions or issues in the future, please do not hesitate to email us again, quoting case number: xxxxxxx. This will assist us in tracking your case history, and for further troubleshooting.

    If you would like the latest updates or latest news concerning our products, please sign up for our free enewsletter at

    FAQ's and downloads can be accessed from .

    Thank You,
    Handspring Technical Support


    After installing your new Palm OS 4.1H2 flash updater my default handheld email and expanse program disappeared and I can no longer sync my desktop email to handheld. A number of other people is experiencing the same
    problem: check the trecentral treo 90 web forum at
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    Sorry to hear it didn't work. I would have thought that Handspring's advice folk would know that ALL Treo 90s are less than a year old.
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    and here's another reply from Handspring on this issue:


    Dear Rich,

    Thank you for contacting Handspring Technical Support. We understand that you are experiencing difficulties with the Treo updater.

    . We will provide you with a series of steps to resolve your issue. Please follow these steps:

    Fortunately, we did not have any complaints from our other customers, regarding this Treo updater. It is safe to run this updater and you should not loose any built in applications.

    At present we don't have any other updater's for the Treo 90. Please find below more information regarding this updater software.


    and it followed with the generic info on the update...

    Kinda frustrating eh? Rich
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    Well, first I had a lot of troubles getting the update to install, I kept getting partway into it and the Treo would report "Corrupt installation package, please download again" or something to that effect. So today, I get it to work at my office, and now my mail and expense are Goooooooooooooooooooone!

    My battery indicator is still messing up too (see other thread.)
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    I also had the exact same issue after the update - my unit no longer has the expense and mail apps. I got the same reply from Handspring - send in your unit for a replacement.

    This really makes me wonder... I got my Treo 90 the first day it was available at my local Circuit City. I wonder if "older" models (those impacted by some of the stylus/backlight issues) have some sort of problem with the upgrade (everything else seems to work fine)?

    I updated my Palm V from 3.1 to 3.3 to 3.5 to 4.1 (I think that's the history, can't remember) and _never_ had any problems with the flashing/upgrading process. In fact, I've helped others flash theirs - never had this sort of experience.

    The first response I got from Handspring was that it was impossible for me to be missing Expense, since it's on the ROM. I explained the (numerous) ways that I checked and did _not_ find it on my Treo. Then, the response asking me to send in my unit.

    Can anyone who has successfully flashed their unit (or, those of you with the missing apps like me) explain when/where you bought the unit? Is it possible you have a newer unit, and were therefore unaffected? I'm just curious before I go and send in my Treo for no reason to be without it. (I use the Expense app frequently)...
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    My email and expense installed fine. I need to note that loaded the Mac version of the updater, which might have some bearing if the Windows installer is corrupt. Anyone with a mac lose these two apps?

    My Treo 90 is an early version, but probably not the earliest version. I bought it about a month after the Treo came out at Staples and replaced it about two weeks later due to the stylus issue.

    I'm not positive, but Handspring may send you a loaner unit before you send yours off. Usually they ask for a credit card and tell you they'll charge $150 if you don't return their unit. That's more than fair.
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    Thanks for the postings, gang. After sending PDA'S back and forth to Handspring for (1) the backlight issue and then (2) the stylus issue, I am NOT going to download an 'update' that creates more problems than it solves...yuck. At least this time when I got the e-mail from Handspring about the 'new' update, my 'uh-oh...better check the Treo boards first before just downloading this' radar came on...I can always get the straight scoop here.

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    Just to follow up on my earlier post. I called Handspring Customer Care. They will express mail another replacement unit to me and I am to mail back my unit. She said it may be a refurbished unit. I asked her about loading the update again. Her reply was that I contact Tech Support when I receive the unit.
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    I just got off the phone with their tech support, after I received an emailed telling me i would have to pay 19.95 to get support which really ticked me off. Basically she told me that there will be a new flasher available in a couple days, version 1.1. And no I didn't have to pay, but WTF!!

    Meantime, I took my new treo back (just got it saturday) and returned it for a different model. Mainly due to my battery indicator issue. So now I will be waiting until the new flasher is available. In the meantime I am surprised they are keeping the one online.
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    Just was cruising thru the download area and saw that HS has put version 1.1 of the updater on the website.

    And here's the main difference between the versions:

    What's the difference between Treo 90 Updater 1.1, and version 1.0?
    The Treo 90 Updater 1.1 provides the same functionality as Treo 90 Updater 1.0 (SD I/O and other fixes). It also adds back two Palm OS applications that were inadvertently omitted from the Treo 90 Updater 1.0: Mail and Expense.

    If you installed the Treo 90 Updater 1.0 and you want to use Mail or Expense, you should to download the Treo 90 Updater 1.1.
    If you installed the Treo 90 Updater 1.0 and do not use Mail or Expense, you don't need to download the 1.1 version.
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    It seems like Tech Support and Customer Care should talk to each other.

    After checking the last post I went to the Handspring website, downloaded and installed the 1.1 Update. My Treo has the Mail and Expense programs. I contacted Customer Care to cancel my replacement but they had already shipped it out.

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