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    3G? Pretty overwhelming, no? Its not even really a speed thing, to me the biggest problem is navigating an html site on a 160x160 screen. Close to impossible.

    My old Kyocera 6035 using myPalm was way better. Got me what I needed. Took a while, but otherwise it was easy. Doesn't work on my Treo. Even my old Samsung 8500 wasn't bad at getting the sports scores... WAP doesn't seem so bad anymore, small file sizes and its easy to use on a palm.

    Anyone know if a good wireless portal, something akin to the old MyPalm stuff. Someplace I can go and access tons of high quality WAP sites and others that have been optimized for palm screens and interfaces? Be nice to have the NYT, CNN, ESPN, Yahoo, etc all within a click or two again...
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    Blazer does WAP too - you just need to know the WAP URLs to go to those pages.

    Palowireless WAP portal list

    I prefer to use Palm friendly sites such as this great entry point:


    I also recommend that you go into Blazers menus and go to the Blazer Prefs and set your graphics to a low setting or even turn graphics off if you dont want them. This makes a signifigant difference to your speed and costs.
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    What I did recently that really helped was create my own links page. I took all the WAP/Treo-friendly links I could find (SmallSites is a good start, or MobileStuff), then customize it to fit my needs. For people like me who are not software developers, I just did it in Word and saved as a webpage then posted to Geocities. I then made it my homepage on the Treo. It's nice because I can edit it very easily and quickly, plus it's very stripped down (with no graphics, etc.). With apologies to SmallSites (and others), here's a sample:

    Treo Daveo

    MSN Mobile



    Good luck.
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    I know I am like a broken record, but again, Gopherking does this too. Not only can you read and send AOL mail via your Treo, you can create unlimited bookmarks which work beautifully through Blazer.

    Check it out at


    PS No, I have no incentive for promoting them -- just a very satisfied and impressed customer!
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