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    anyone aware of software that allows direct dialup access to a PC from a PALM OS handheld for remote access of the PC. Specifically, i am looking for software similar to PC Anywhere for PALM OS handhelds. I am aware of PalmVNC and WinHand but they are thru internet connections via IP address, etc.

    basically software that i can dialin and control a PC from remote location, but by dialing directly into that computer not via an internet IP address.

    any suggestions greatly appreciated.
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    Unfortunately, I haven't found any and I've looked at about half a dozen programs. The author of WinHand told me they're working on it but couldn't promise when it would be out. The closese thing I've found is LoudPC. It works through a web interface and is not a "desktop control" application. You can see email, contacts, files on your system, etc. Take a look.

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