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    Borrowing a line from the movie:

    "Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain"

    ... is how I've come to believe how Sprint manages their web site changes. From day-to-day, one never knows what to expect. Broken links, error messages, outages, failed log-ins using the correct credentials. All of this happens without announcement or ever being able to find out if it is supposed to be happening.

    We have a term for this where I work: "Change Mis-management"
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    I agreee.

    They somehow disconnect my e-mail account from my Vision login. I called and they got the webmail working again when I log into SPCS Vision on-line. But again I can not connect to their SMTP server via my Treo. Figured I'd wait a few days to see if it works. Then sigh and decide when I have 2 hours to spare and sit on the SPCS tech support line.
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    Ive been a sprint customer for 3 years and their website started to suck 2.5 years ago ;p
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    i wrote an email to sprint telling them how much their web site stunk, and i just got back a form letter reply to call the help number... i wrote back 'glad someone is reading my email, he said sarcastically'
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    Since going to 3G...

    1) I never could get onto the 3G side at all... The Settings and preferences screen and the logon screen must have changed about a half dozen times in the past month but still, i do NOT get this change PCS vision username and password option.

    2) My sprintpcs mail, which is still on my old 2g username 1st was unavailable, then they wanted me to pick a passwordx to access it, then it said unaviailable.. THEn for a few days it actually connected up to my email address book and all my old messages were thjetre... Now it says I have all the messages (as new messages) at thw home screen but could not logon to get any email calendars etc.

    In the meantime I want to change to my iold sprint opcs username.. I am on hold now.. it is rediculous.


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