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    Does anyone know if the Kodak Palmpix could be modified to work with aTreo 300? It was made for Palm Pilot I guess. Also I wonder if the included software would be compatible (would be nice to download pics directly to Treo)? Or maybe there's some other camera out there that would work (with a little jerry-rigging probably I think it sucks monkey nuts that of all the new "3g" phones, the Treo is the only one that has no digital camera, no ringtones or images to download, or games?!!! Oh well, I digress...
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    ~ a treo camera ~

    wouldn't that be cool......... let me know if you find anything that works. I too will keep my eyes & ears peeled.

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    Originally posted by elcidroyale
    ...Treo is the only one that has no ... games?!!! ...
    Are you serious? There must be hundreds of games that you can play on a Treo!
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    And none of the other 3G phones have the Palm OS. Which offers more software titles to be run on the Treo than any other Sprint 3G phone available.

    I don't care that I can not play the "Sprint provided" games. If they work anything like some other things at Sprint I'd rather not use them even if I could . But look at sites like and . Ton's of Palm OS applications of all types available that others can not use .
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    As far as the camera for the other 3G phones: The camera sprint is offering is serriously lacking. I have it and waited too long to return it. It is much easier and better just to use your digital camera and use SplashPhoto or something comparable to use and view pics on the Treo.

    BTW, if anyone wants this Sprint Camera let me know.
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    yeah but is the camera compatible with a treo 300?
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    Nope - my girlfriend has the A500 and it works fine with that but picture quality is poor. Plus, whatever you shoot MUST be still. Any movement at all will end up in a unusable, blurred pic.
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    I used to have an old Eyemodule 1 for my old Visor Prism.

    Usually you had to have VERY BRIGHT lighting and a steady hand to get a picture that was even recognizable. After about 2 weeks I stopped using it and got a real digital camera. To me this whole "e-mail pictures to your friends" ad campaign is a gimmick. Because eveyone that actually gets one is eventually disappointed in the quality. Better to get a real digital camera instead .
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    I agree. Every time I see a comercial and they show the screen after a photo was supposedly taken with their camera I laugh. Even with my digital camera, photo's still never look that crisp. And you still can't upload any pictures to the picture website. Your stuck having to use the camera to upload directly from your phone. (referring to the A500)

    They will get it right eventually. Sucks being the first on board sometimes. Although I love pulling my phone out and showing off what the 300 can do!

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