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    is there any way to directly download apps (from handago, etc.) to my treo without downloading first to pc, then hotsyncing to treo? maybe a browser that does this or any other app? thanks...
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    With my 6035 back in the old non-3G days, PalmGear had a PQA app that would download other PQAs right to the device. All wireless. If you want to get PQAs to work, there are threads on that, and I think the app itself can be found at the PalmGear site somewhere. It's called PGHQ or something like that. I haven't used it since I got the Treo, but is was pretty useful before. Keep in mind that all it would download were PQAs, like amazon, Starbucks locator, moviefone, etc. Still, doing that wirelessly was neat and useful if you weren't at the PC.

    I seem to recall that Handango has a mobile store for downloads and the like, but I haven't checked that out in detail.....

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