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    Blazer won't refresh my traffic cam images, even when I manually refresh (:menu:, R.) I created a web page for my Treo that contains my links. I have a page of Seattle traffic camera links from the WA State Dept 'o Transportation that I do NOT wish to have cached.

    I have embedded the fourth tag (for all Blazer versions, see below) in the html code to force a reload every time the pages are accessed. It doesn’t reload if I revisit the page or if I issue a refresh. The only time it works is if I clear the cache or if I clear the cache and set the cache to 0. I also typed all four tags into the link below, and still no luck.

    Here are the details: I am using a Handspring Treo 300. The version on Blazer is 2.1.1s2 Build 31. The Technical Reference Guide for Blazer under section 4.6 Caching says:
    A page can also be specified not to be cached by using one of the following META tags:

    <META HTTP-EQUIV=”pragma” CONTENT=”no-cache”>
    <META HTTP-EQUIV=”cache-control” CONTENT=”no-cache”>
    <META HTTP-EQUIV=”cache-control” CONTENT=”no-store”>
    The following tag will work uniformly across all Blazer versions:
    <META HTTP-EQUIV=”expires” content=”0”>

    The cameras and links are at:

    I don’t want to set the cache to zero because it slows down everything else and is going to be expensive. Selective caching is a needed feature that appears to be supported. It would be great if individual pages could be set to cache independently, but getting this to work would be just great. Yes, i tried Xiino, could not get it to solve this problem, but I honestly didn't try as hard cause I do really like blazer better.
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    Have you tried linking to the image directly instead of wrapping it in an HTML page? I do that with a Bay Area traffic map and it's worked ok.

    I did have an issue trying to reload an image I used on my treo friendly links page (gotta build your own mobile portal to use these things right) and the image in the HTML page wouldn't reload unless I cleared the cache.

    another happy treo <b>600</b> user.
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    I just link to the traffic cam image as well, and it works great. The image size is small and doesn't take long to load -- just a few seconds. Strohm, what is your cost concern with just linking to the image? I appreciate the effort and elegance of your workaround, but gosh, it seems like a lot of work for little gain.
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    thanks! I will try that tonight when I get home and report back...
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    I've used this link to get some traffic info - especially useful getting over 520 from Redmond at this time!
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    Yes, see this site does the same thing we're talking about: linking directly to the image.
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    I was just playing around with it and it seems to work! Thanks very much. Who needs all those extra pages! I guess I over-thought it, which for me is uncommon and always dangerous.

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