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    I can't get either one of these apps to load when I tap the screen !

    I have had this phone for 36 hours and I am thinking of going back to my kyc- 6035 !
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    You'll have to provide more information than just that the apps don't load when you tap the screen. What apps are we talking about? PQAs? When you tap the screen, does anything happen? Does the PQA (if that's what it is) try to connect to something, without success?

    I can't speak to Thin Air Mail, whatever that may be, but for what it's worth, wireless access to E*trade is an ongoing problem for me. E*trade is cutting back in a lot of areas and they seem to be neglecting wireless access. They used to have PQA-based wireless access that worked if you had the four Palm VII wireless apps on your wireless device (search this forum under "PQA" for more about that topic). The PQA stopped working, at least for me, a few months ago. Now I can *sometimes* get wireless access of a sort to my E*trade account by pointing Blazer to - guess what - That sometimes redirects Blazer to a far different place from what the same address gets you in MSIE or Netscape. It's a cludgy, text-only WAP-type rendition of E*trade that seems designed for cell phones, not wireless PDAs. When it's working, though, it does provide at least minimal secured account access, including trading.

    All of this begs the real question, of course. With the market the way it is, why would anyone *want* to access their E*trade account?
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    I'm not sure from the information you provided, but do you know that the Treo does not support PQAs out of the box (unlike the Kyocera)? You need to follow the directions here (3.5, not 4.0):

    Then PQAs will work just fine except no "proximity" feature.

    Personally, I've never gotten Thin Air Mail to work on any of my wireless Palm devices (Palm V w/ OmniSky, i705) so I never bothered to try with the Treo.
    another happy treo <b>600</b> user.
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    I believe that Palm bough the Thin Air mail products and no longer support the PQAs or mail service. I suggest using something else for email.

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