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    I just got through trying several different ring tone managers. None said that they worked with the Treo 300 and of course none worked. Is anyone aware of a ring tone manager that does work with T300?
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    I would suggest doing a search on the forum. I know that there is something about "IRing" working, however I had no luck getting it to work with my phone. Kept causeing it to freeze up.

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    Seems that the 300 uses a different ring tone database than the 180/270. Perhaps this has something to do with Sprint and the ring tone service they charge $$ for?
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    check the thread about ringtones and iring. iring works but the tones it ends up putting on are exports of simple tones and do not really take advantage of the treo 300's voices. i think we just need to wait for more programs to come out and for the creativity to kick in...

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