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    Does anyone want to participate in this speed test:

    Here is what I did and here are the results.

    Open Blazer- Go Home(little home icon) Let page fully load!
    Clear Blazer Cache

    open webpage:

    from the second you press go- how long does it take to load the page fully?

    Here are my results-

    59 seconds for 25k one bar of signal in Memphis, TN

    25k is the number the counter appeard to end with. I don't know where or when it starts or stops counting.

    Let us know what you come up with!
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    This is not the proper way to test data speed. See some of the older threads about this. Probably most were posted around late August when many people first got their Treos.
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    With 2 bars in NYC I loaded the page in 84 seconds. However, it was 59KB of data, not 25KB.

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