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    Like many here on this forum, I have experienced some of the "growning pains" associated with the roll out of this new Vision service. Mostly everything is back. My phone is able to send/recieve data. I have access (at least from my desktop) to Sprint Mail. However, like many here, I have never been able to "change my Vision Password", and therefor can not access the Vision Web site.

    I guess my question for those on this forum is three fold. First, has any Treo user been able to access the Vision web site? If so, are you a new Sprint PCS customer, or did you upgrade from a diffent Sprint Cell Phone? Finally, are we missing anything that we should worry about? I know that the site allows you to choose and license ringtones (useless at this point for we Treo 300 users without a fully funtional Ringtone Manager). I know that it allows you to select screen savers (useless for we Treo Users). I know that it allows you to select and license Java/J2ME/Brew games and other applications (useless to we Treo Users.) Is there anything that is on that sight that is actually of use to a Treo user, or should I just give up on it because it is meant more for traditional 3G cell phones?

    Enquiring minds want to know.
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    ... the Vision side, that is, and can officially report that there is 0.0 content that you or anyone else is missing out on.

    fyi ... I was a previous 2G user and sprintpcs email account holder when I migrated to the Treo300. This happened around August 17th, and it was not until today (Sept 17) that (I think) I'm now set up to do about all I can at this point:

    - Vision user-name was changed to old 2G user-name
    - Vision password changed and working
    - Ability to log-in to the Vision web side and sprintpcs email w/PC
    - Ability to access sprintpcs mail from Treo w/Eudora

    The one quirk is that, when I log into the Vision web site from my PC w/ my Vision password, I am able to browse to and access my sprintpcs mail account. However, with Eudora Mail from my Treo, I must use my old 2G password to get sprintpcs mail -- my Vision password does not work!
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    Druce, the only reason I cared about accessing Vision is so I could assign myself a password. Without know my Vision password, I could not access Sprint's SMTP server, which made sending e-mail with Eudora much more of a nuisance than I wanted it to be. So far, access to the Vision portion of Sprint PCS's website hasn't been helpful for anything else (other than the info you could also access on the 2G portion of the site). I may be missing something, but currently I don't use if for much. It will be handy to be able to check data usage, once/if that feature is enabled.

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