Okay, I have read all of the posts, and I understand that you have to use a headset compatible with the Nokia 3300/8000 phones. No problem.

My problem is that I hate earbud and earclip style headsets, and MUCH prefer an over-the-head band. Yes, this is more bulky to carry around, but to me it is well worth it. I can be on the phone at least an hour or two a day sometimes.

I have ordered a converter from 3 band to 2 band so that I can continue to use my Plantronics model that I like a lot. However, I have grown to like the answer/hang up button capability on the earbud that comes with the Treo. I hate the earbud, and the lack of any noise cancellation on the mic, and that for the person on the other end to hear me I have to hold the mic near my mouth, but I like the button.

Has anyone out there found a Treo (Nokia) compatible over-the- head band unit with the button?