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    Check out OnlyMe. This tool is indispensable if you are worried about having your Treo lost or stolen and (1) confidential information revealed, or (2) the finder keeping the Treo rather than return it.

    I was skeptical, but the app has worked without problem for me for 2 months. Some important features:

    - have a "timeout" so it only locks after a couple min of inactivity, even between lid open/close
    - the password can be a series of button presses for easy entry (i.e. no keyboard)
    - have the owner's return information displayed

    Its only $10. I have no affiliation, just impressed.
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    I've used it for maybe 3 years now...I like it a lot and it has served me through 5 PDA's. I like the ability to skin and it is nice being able to "swipe" your entrance code.
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    Sounds similar to Gridlock, which I highly recommend. It's also only $10. They also have a free/lite version

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