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    Hello all,

    I installed gprs upgrade two weeks ago on my treo 180. Everything seems fine. But, I have problems such as:

    1. When I used sms, the characters appear in screen is very slow, and it makes me sometime write wrong word.

    2. If I used Menu at application launcher, where there are for options: Delete, Beam, Category, and Info, my treo ALWAYS reset. I am very sad because I can't delete the un necessary applications. Also I can't check the rest of Ram memory.

    I hope you friend give me the info...

    Thanks alot

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    I would revert to your old ROM version... and wait for the rest of the world to finish beta testing the updater. Saw some emails floating around here with instructions on how to do it.
    Good luck
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    getting back the old rom might be tricky because the radio information is stored separately which isn't backed up if the rom has been saved using jack sprat (if jack sprat was used). trying to install the previous version doesn't function. in case you want to delete third party software although your treo doesn't let you delete them when trying to do so on the device itself, i'll advice you to delete the suspicious programs (including hackmaster or xmaster if present) from your computer (e.g "C:\program files\Handspring\yourname \backup" ) and synchronizing the treo such that the desktop overwrites the handheld. i guess that could lead to a voila-experience. wish you best of luck
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