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    I've purchased TreoMail, used the BaseJet mail demo, along with several of the others, and nothing has shown to be as easy to use or reliable than Eudora. I don't have to go through some proxy to get my mail and I can use SSL to connect to my mail servers.

    However, I want it to check mail on some kind of schedule. Is there a hack out there to be able to do this? I seem to remember seeing some shareware that can get me this functionality.

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    Please post if you find it. I'm searching for same...

    in the interim, my mail server forwards a copy of all inbound mail as an SMS to my Treo, which acts as notification. I can then determine from the first 100 chars or so if I want to use Eudora to d/l the whole message.

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    I'm currently using Eudora as well and am pleased with it (just wish it had a "check mail" button in the inbox screen). I also tested out Mark/Space Mail and was impressed with it. I liked it better than Eudora - felt more elegant and finished, but I guess not enough to pay for it. The nag screen actually got me to stop using the demo and switch to Eudora before I'd fully tested it out. However it does support scheduled checking! I don't need the feature at the moment, but if you don't mind paying a few bucks, it seems like a good option.
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    There ia program called macro play or macro run, that you cane set up to check your email every hour or so.

    There are a couple of post on this site that talk about it. you can probably find it on
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