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    Anyone ever hear of a Palm OS program that tracks your car maintenance?

    oil changes
    etc. etc.

    Could be a cool program. Especially if you started making databases for individual cars.

    The information is easily accessible.
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    I've seen quite a few car maintenance and record keeping programs. Take a look on Select Palm OS software and do a search on "car" You get a few more things like cards and so forth but you can just scan through the list and take a look at ones that look interesting. They also have a rating system from other users.
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    As far as specific programs, I like AutoBase. It not only allows you to track all the information you requested, but also will alert you to upcoming service intervals.
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    I've used several in the past (way back to the Newton days). I'm currently using TealAuto from Tealpoint Software . Really a slick user interface and some great feature.
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    As mentioned, there are already a lot of these out there.

    You could also go the 'cheapo route' if you don't need a lot of stored data-

    1.) Use Datebook to schedule oil changes, tire rotations, etc.

    2.) Use Memo Pad to make a memo about the specs of your car(s)- fuel tank capacity, wiper blade refill sizes, tire rotation schedule, etc.

    3.) Use Expense to track miles, gas, etc.

    The nice thing about using the 'built-ins' is that they don't add much to the memory, hot-sync automatically, are free, and car included in the 'find' function.
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