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    I remember when the whole thing about the phone Treos having Flash ROM made it mainstream and everybody was rushing to delete the built-in apps they didn't want to free up space while we poor Treo 90 users sat on the sidelines because no one talked about if the Treo 90 had flash ROM or not so we assumed it didn't given that the reason Handspring put it in the phone ones is so it could tweak the phone settings being such a revolutionary device.

    So that died down and now Handspring releases the Treo 90 Updater 1.0 which requires a hard reset to, if I remember correctly, a hard reset would theoretically (sic?) get rid of any updates and would need them to be restored by a hotsync (like it did on my Neo with the update that came on the CD-ROM). Handspring also mentions in the little FAQ that once the update is complete your memory will be exactly the same as before the where does the update go???
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    The updater updates (surprise!) your Treo's flash ROM. A hard reset is typically necessary to ensure that the Treo starts with the correct initial settings from the new release. On the 1st hotsync all your apps and data are reloaded...

    If I recall correctly the Treo 90 flash ROM holds a compressed image and so if HS is saying that available memory is much the same after the upgrade then the new features obviously don't involve a huge amount of code.

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    The Treo 90 has 2 MB of compressed Flash ROM. (as opposed to the normal 4 MB chip in most Palm OS PDAs). I talked about this briefly in the original treo has flash article, but basicly becuase it is compressed, third parties cannot edit or change any of the info without screwing things up.
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