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    Check this out for a great power solution for the 90.

    Treo Charge and Sync Cable
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    The sync part of this $34 deal seems a bit redundant to me. As for the car adapter part, I picked that up for $18. Think it was by Fellowe's. Car's not here at the moment so I can't check. In any event, purchased from a local Staples.
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    That's a good deal. I wanted to be able to travel with my laptop and be able to sync and charge where ever I was. The key for me was being able to leave my Treo hotsync cable at the office and still have one at the house.
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    I bought a pair of charge/sync USB cables on ebay recently for abour $13 including shipping (each). The same vendor also had an adapter for $4 that let you plug the same charge/sync cable into your car lighter to charge with.

    I've had good luck buying palm accessories on ebay.

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