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    The updater for Treo 90 is now listed in this table.

    I just updated mine. No big difference but I'm going shopping soon....
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    Now who's got the definitive shopping list (products; vendors; prices_deals) on products taking advantage of SDIO ?????
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    Thank you Handspring!
    now all we need to do is talk the vendors into developing hardware

    just to note:
    the install for the patch requires that the battery is full and that you have at least 2.5 meg free in the memory. Also needs a hard reset.
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    I love my Treo 90.
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    BOO YA!!! I never lost faith in Handspring...I just wasn't expecting it this soon...hmmm...just in time for Christmas shopping .
    Goodbye my lovely Treo
    HELLO TG50
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    My Treo arrived in the mail yesterday. Two gifts in one. Now, all I need is a WiFi SD card... Developers hint, hint.
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