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    Finally!!! After 3 grueling weeks of trying to get my Vision data to work, it finally started last night. Over 5 tickets, 10 calls and hours of hold time later I'm happy as a pig in a pool of mud. It's almost embarrassing why it hasn't worked all this time. Of course it's all Sprint's fault, so check this out:

    After to speaking to 4 customer "service" reps, 3 wireless web "experts" and 3 Vision "experts" it turns out that none of them ever checked to see if my username and password were ever input'd into the Vision database. The biggest and most obvious step in activating someone's Vision account is to input the username and password in the Vision database. So "Jason", a 3G technician and I had a long laugh over it and he admitted that it makes them looking really bad. Oh well, it finally works and I'm loving every moment. Now I have to see if they can add that lost 3 weeks of free data to my accountant. Plus maybe a service credit for all the minutes I spent on the phone with them. I have to say though, with all the sh*t I had to put up with, everyone I spoke with was really cooperative and apologetic. Well, the wait is least for now!!!
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    Congrats! I've come to love my Treo 300, and I expect that you'll be feeling the same way within a few days.
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    Yea congratulations Hairy Palms. I was thinking you might send your Treo back before getting it working .

    Yea, if I were you I'd be pressing for a deal from them for all your time. You really should get something special for enduring all that .
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    Thanks guys! I'm glad that I didn't lose my patients with Sprint. I'm in love with Treo now. I use to live and die by my i300 but the data was soooooo slow. Now the Treo has made my life more complete and more responsive. Yeah baby!!!
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    Happiness is a working Treo.....I wish life were that simple...oh, but this is not the place for THAT discussion

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