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    I have seen many messages on mail, but need a simple overview. Any help appreciated- this seems like a great forum!

    I am not a Treo 300 owner...YET. I am very close to getting one- currently I have a sprint PCS phone and a Motorola P935 Timeport 'super pager' (the one with the clamshell design, with the full qwerty keyboard). Yes, the motorola device is old and clunky, but I have come to RELY on it as a mobile email device. It is an oustanding and consistent mobile email device. It also has palm-like PDA functions.

    Anyway, I want to understand how the Treo 300 is better/worse then my Motorola P935 re: mobile email.

    My motorola device has:
    1) It's own email address (e.g.

    2) Notifies me immediately when an email comes in (by whatever alert rules I set up)- in effect getting an email is just like getting

    3) Enables me to send/reply to emails right from the device

    4) Has great reception- it basically can send anywhere the pager can be 'paged' from, so I can send email while in buildings, cars, etc.

    Can somebody please help me understand how the Treo 300 with sprint service stacks up in the 4 areas above, and/or how difficult/inconsistent the Treo 300 is in the 4 areas above? I have tried to comb this board and have seen so many descriptions about email that I'm getting overwhelmed. Anyone who can just answer the questions above would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks, great forum! I hope to join you as a loyal Treo 300 user soon!

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    here is my experience:

    1) yes you do get an email address and text messaging -
    <spcs username> (email)
    <phone number> (text mess.)

    * I think you will be much better off using your own POP email address from some other service... easier to set up and I use eudora to check my email. You have a lot of other option for this too, but this way was the easiest and most reliable for me.

    2) I have my POP email setup to forward a copy of all emails coming in to my <phone number> address. I get a text message with the email header and a few lines of the body text (to see if it is worth downloading the whole email) When you get a text message my Treo sounds an alert, vibrates (but only once. I guess a downloadable program, Treo Alert Manager, is supposed to make it kept alerting you until you check the message, but I couldnt get it to work) and brings the text message up on screen.

    3) Through my own POP email address: using Eudora.... i have always been able to get and send emails with no problems. I also us Inbox To Go to get and send Word and Excel documents and also pictures.

    4) Well "great reception" is sure asking a lot.... but i can tell you that I have not had a problem sending a message or making a call from anywhere yet... but I am sure that really depends on where you are located, I am in Sacramento,CA. - If you are talking about connecting to the internet through sprintpcs vision I can tell you I have always been able to connect.

    I hope some of this helps...... You should not have any problems doing the 4 things you want the Treo to do.


    - Brian
    - creative director
    - oneline studio
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    Thanks so much for your response.

    Can you clarify on thing- in what cases do you use SMS and in what cases do you use email? e.g.- you mentioned above that you get one address for SMS and another for email. My 2way pager has a single address- no distinction. Couldn't you just use email all the time from the Treo? Or are there cases where you HAVE to use SMS?
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    sorry about the confusion.....

    I use my POP email all of the time for everything......

    I just use SMS for the email notifcation... but you dont have to use SMS at all if you don't want to.

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