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    I know there is a way to change the button settings. Like to change the app that shows when pressing the phone button. But is there a way to change the settings when option (blue button) + the phone button are pressed?
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    You can do that using TreoButton, which is available at (see the last "Freewares" entry). I have been using it for a month now with no problems. TreoButton also allows you to control what is launched from the "shift" app button combination, as well as what happens when you open the lid and when you press in the jog dial. It's pretty handy if you like to avoid pulling out the stylus for everything.
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    Thanks, I'll give that a try.
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    Thanks curtiscarmack, Treobutton works great!
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    Glad it worked for you. Your postings have been helpful to me, as well.

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