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    I've just received a new replacement due to the failure of GPRS upgrade. But it made me quite happy because it 's already upgrade to GPRS which version is 1.1. And it also has some new feature:

    1. press the space bar can activate the speaker phone;
    2. press the 'del' button to hangup;
    3. auto detect the GPRS service;
    4. Blazer is upgrade to Version 2.1.3 Build 7.

    The excellent thing is it don't freeze after hangup what press the button on headset, the sceen or the keypad.

    Hope the other guys can get the new upgrade soon!
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    >> press the space bar can activate the speaker phone
    >> press the 'del' button to hangup

    Both these functions were available as early as on the Treo 180
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    This new 1.1 file will fix your radio problem and give you your phone back.

    1) Run the file and it will freeze again, this is not a problem.
    2) Reset your Treo.
    3) Turn wireless mode on and you'll connect.
    4) And there you have it, GPRS and your Phone.

    This has now been verified on 4 phones, all at various stages of "stuckness".
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    Where can I find version 1.1?
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    New feature:

    In perference mode : it has buttom & bottum2 to instead of TreoBottum.
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    Where can we download 1.1? Thanks

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