Hi all, I hope somebody can help me on this issue.

I have installed Softick Audio Gateway trial after some settings the software recommended reseting phone.

After that the Treo 680 is in continuous loop (orange Palm logo is showed, progress metter is running, after that orange Palm logo is shown and then it resets itself again (where there should be a screen with blue letters saying something about Palm OS by Access).

I have tried all kind of resets and nothing works
Soft reset, Warm reset, Hard reset (there was no menu YES / NO here) so I can not hard rest phone

The only thing I managed is to get phone in to the bootloader mode.
volume up down + holding, or probably the same thing holding the cursor down button
From what I have read so far the Treo 650 ROM tool is not working on Treo 680 isn't it?

I wonder if there is a way to read the NVFS partition / RAM content in bootloader mode for backup reasons (no backup for a month) to SD card or to PC and to update ROM later either from SD card or in some other way.
like running the NVBackup .