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    How do I view pictures on Treo with blazer. I went to the website and couldn't see any pictures. Any ideas.
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    Don't use Blazer anymore. I'm using Xiion which is a great brower and it support most java scripts. And it also can load the images of the website.
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    You can see pictures with Blazer, the same way as with Xiino!
    Best: Blazer does not resize pictures as Xiino does.
    If you don't, just look at settings in blazer, it seems that images option is unchecked in your browser preferences.
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    Blazer DOES load images, and it does it far better than Xiino. However theere seems to be an incompatibility bug in the unofficial gprs patch when using proxies. If we were able to connect directly, as I occasionally can, images load beautifully. Can't wait to the official patch so we wouldn't have to use proxies any more!!

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