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    I love the fact that WordSmith came free with the Treo 90, but I'm wondering if I need to buy Documents to Go, or some other program.

    In a possibly related question, how do I get attachments with my e-mail? When I now synch with Outlook, I get a message that attached files are on my desktop - but I need to get them on the Treo. Help?
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    Depending upon the version you purchase (standard, professional, premium), DTG also allows you to do things other than word processing. In addtion, it has a spreadsheet program that synchs with Excel, a program to allow you to create and edit charts in Excel, and a program that allows you to create and edit PowerPoint presentations. I had the chance to play around with the later this week and it worked really well. I was able to complete a presentaiton due the next day while waiting for my son to come out of oral surgery. (He had to have a tooth extracted. He did fine.) I know that folks on these boards like WordSmith but I have been happy with DTG. As far as I know, it is the only program that works with PowerPoint and that is what I needed.

    With regard to attachements, DTG premium comes with DataViz mail which converts attachments (PDF, Word, Excel, Powerpoint) into files that can be viewed by DTG when you hotsynch. Here is a link with more info.
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    Thanks! Does Dataviz work with the mail program that came with the Treo? In other words, do I have to somehow change the e-mail program, or does Dataviz kind of work over it?
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    DataViz mail works in place of the regular email program. It simply works over it so there is nothing that you have to change (it does it during the installation).
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    I also like DTG quite a bit, but there are a couple of flaws. I wind up setting it not to synchronize because it takes so long; so I have to open the program and set it to synchronize when I want to add a file to the Treo. JPEGs convert to be pretty large. It takes a good bit of space, although it also does a lot, so I don't think this is a real criticism. A major plus is that it carries all the Office functionality I need except email.

    I replaced datavizmail with inbox-to-go beta. This lets you check an email account using dialup networking or GPRS. I'm not happy with it -- it will only check one POP3 account and I use two, and it won't delete mail from the server. The last is a real nuisance since I get a fair bit of spam when I download without a large set of filters. To be fair, their business model is more like treomail and includes a server, but I just want eudora-like functions with attachments, and that isn't what they are selling. By the way, eudora will also synchronize from the desktop, only with the dreaded "A program is trying to access your inbox..." query from Office.
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    One last plus for Docs to go. Wordsmith (although sometimes advertised) does not support SD cards. The documentation says that you can select your SD card as a catagory and file documents there -- you can't. You can, however, move files back and forth (including synching I believe) to your SD card with Docs to go.

    Oh by the way -- the professional version also comes w/ Pics to Go which allows you to view images as well as PDF to go which allows you to download Acrobat PDF's.

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