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    Hi all,

    Long time listener, first time caller.

    Just got my 300 on Friday. This is my first Palm device after 4 WinCE/PocketPC devices. Full review coming soon.

    At first I couldn't understand why PocketMirror didn't sync the Outlook/Exchange Inbox, nor why there wasn't a default mail application on the Treo, but after I installed the BizConnect palm application, I understood... it's the Sprint/Treo solution to the multiple inbox problem: how do you keep two inboxes (the local HotSync one, and the BizConnect one) in synch? Answer: you don't! For any of you who don't have a Treo yet, you only have one mailbox, and that's provided by the BizConnect application for your Treo (must download and install from the Sprint BC website). So far so good.

    I'm now got PocketMirror configured the way I want it, and when I HotSync, everything works fine. When I'm wireless and have BC running on my laptop, BC syncs my email perfectly, in push fashion (avg delay 1-4 minutes, VERY nice!).

    Under HotSync setup, there is a conduit for BusinessConnection and it is checked. My question is this: isn't BC supposed to sync during a HotSync operation, just like it does wirelessly?

    Let's say I haven't had my phone (radio) on for a while, and I come back to my PC and there are several new emails in my Outlook inbox. In the interim, I've also replied to some emails on my Treo. I connect the cable, do a HotSync, and it completes normally. I go to the BC inbox on the Treo, and it shows the Outbox as empty, with my replies now in the 'Sent' folder. But the recipients never receive them, and none of the new Inbox messages are present in the Treo's BC inbox. I haven't found any documentation, but I have to assume this is supposed to work.

    Any insight/advice greatly appreciated.


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    Nevermind, seems obvious now but it appears Business Connection needs to be up and running on the PC you're trying to HotSync with.

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    Well, my curiosity was piqued after reading your post. I created a message on the Treo, posted it to the outbox, did a HotSync, and then voila' - the message hit the account to which I sent. Also, yes, the message was in the 'Sent Items' folder in Outlook.

    So - maybe it's something in your HotSync settings. ?
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    well there ya go
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    Thanks for the reply... did you have Business Connect running on your PC when you HotSync'd?


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