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    Just a warning...

    When I received my bill it was split into two cycles (obviosly your dates will vary). The upcoming cycle, Sept 5 - Oct 4th, and the prior cycle Aug 11 - Sept 4th (partial of the date I switched plans to vision).

    I am on the 89.99 plan with 20 meg of data. So if Vision is free I should receive a $40 credit for each full billing cycle.

    As I read the bill I had a $40 credit - but that was only for the Sept 5 - Oct 4th cycle. I had no credit for the Aug 11 - Sept 4th period.

    The CC rep fixed it and credited me $30 so I am happy. But I have to admit, I almost paid it because I couldn't figure out where the problem was.
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    I just realized the same thing happened to me. I'm on credit card autopay, so the bill was already paid. I sure hope they give me three full months of that $40 credit -- if not, I'll be on hold with them for sure . . .
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    Me too !!! Can't anyone besides the engineers do ANYTHING right at Sprint ?!?!?
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    Can someone guide me on this topic, as I read the bill I see only a $40 deduct but it does not state a cycle time frame next to it. I am looking around the bill I also cannot notice two cycle dates.

    Please help.

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