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    I know that on earlier and current less expensive IPAQ Pocket PCs, an expansion slot (SD I believe) was possible by the use of an expansion sleeve which connected to the IPAQ.

    Perhaps a similar product could be developed for the current slotless Treos.

    Unfortunately I have niether the knowledge of how to nor the resources to develop such a device, but maybe someone out there does.

    Any thoughts?
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    Thinking about this a little more it should be possible to jerryrig the hardware aspect of the problem. The pc sync cable interfaces with the pc via a usb connector. There are also a lot of inexpensive usb compatible flash card (and probably SD card) reader/writers. If a way of connecting the male usb connectors to each other could be worked out, then the remaining issue would be the software on the pda that would read/write to the expansion card. Once this is all accomplished, then the device could be scaled down so that a long cable would no longer be necessary. The expansion card reader/writer could even be attached to the belt clip holder--this would then simulate the expansion sleeve concept from the IPAQ.

    Just a thought.

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