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    i live in the detroit, michigan area and like at&t's service very much.

    i also am planning on purchasing the treo 270 and getting a At&t sim card for it but i have a few questions.

    if i get an att sim card, i am limited to att TWO GSM only plans?

    i was hoping for their TDMA plan of $34.99 per month.

    i am a light phone user and more pda user.

    please help me how to get att working with this phone.

    also, if i cannot go with att, can people recommed what is a good service in the detroit metro area.

    thanks for a great site.
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    Sorry, the 180 and 270 devices only support GSM. They will not work with TDMA.
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    i assume that eventually every plan with AT&T will be GSM over time.....

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