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    Got my Treo 300 on 8/15. Great phone/PDA, no connectivity to wireless web. After almost a month, lots of time on hold listening to perky marketing messages, and lots of time talking to helpful but clueless techs, I was getting nowhere. Finally through pure luck, connected with the one guy at Sprint who has experience with Treo 300 (THANKS Aaron, you're the best) and now I'm cruising the web just fine. It's a miracle!

    So for those of you who still get error 67 when trying to connect, there is hope. But Sprint has a long way to go to get their customer service up to some reasonable standard. They might try training more than one person on how to troubleshoot this phone. It's encouraging that they have set up automated callback to reduce hold times, but that only applies to the first of the two phone queues you have to go through to talk to a PCS Vision specialist. In any case, I'm hoping to spend a lot less time talking to them now.
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    So, if we're not lucky enough to get Aaron, what do we say to help the clueless?
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    Maybe try asking for Aaron -- can't hurt!

    I can't tell you what he did server-side. I do recall one hint: don't change the PCS Vision username that Sprint assigns you. The web site is quite happy to let you do this, but it doesn't really work, at least not for me & Aaron said don't do it. He did say that they are fixing these problems over time.
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    I asked for Aaron - apparently he is now the go to guy at Sprint. Didn't get him, but my paperwork got on his desk, and what do you know, I've got data! Only been since 8/16! Of course, I don't know my Vision password, and I'm not going to change anything for a long time.

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