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    Hey all,

    I know that this has been discussed a thousand times, but I have a slightly different question. I'm not as interested in learning about the methods to retrieve emails (I've learned all there is to know from these threads already) as to what method of email ppl are using.

    In my case, I want the following features
    1) Highly configurable email filters. By this I mean I want
    - the ability to have forward messages to more than one address at a time (treo and my regular account) or sms notifications w/ subject and title
    - the ability to treat emails from known senders (eg addresses in my address book) differently than unknown senders
    - good spam filters

    2) pop3/smtp access so I can use send and receive on the treo

    3) (not really that important) domain hosting ability. I want to use a domain I own as my email domain. (like

    I think that some people here have solutions solving all these problems. Any recommendations?

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    Originally from DrC, check out Mailshell:


    I use it, and I love it! Currently pulling 3 e-mail addys to Mailshell, can have unlimited # of "dummy" e-mail addys, can forward SMS messages on how many new e-mails you have, can set it up to forward e-mails to your sprint, believe you can assign your domain, etc.

    Check it out.

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    I checked out after doctorc recommended it. I set maishell to forward emails as SMS messages to my phone, but it wouldn't save a copy of the forwarded mail, leaving me no real way to read it. I couldn't get mailshell to forward emails to two different addresses. Is it possible?

    Other than that, maishell's filters looks great, but overall is inadequate.
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    Just email and he will setup a email account for you. You can pay using
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    ah, yes, you may be correct. the only SMS i get is telling me how many new e-mails i have, then i use eudora to pull them down... sorry about that...

    re: forwarding to e-mail addy's, send them an e-mail and see if they can give you that option.

    close, but no cigars huh?

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    yeah, I tried contacting mailshell, but I didn't get a response. so much for customer service...

    Any other recommendations? I know that they are out there...
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    not off the top of my head, but I'll keep my eyes and ears open...


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