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    I need help in chooseing what to buy. should i get a Treo 90 or a Palm m515?
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    I was also wondering which one of those two to get. Then the Treo 300 came out. Now I'm totally confused!

    I had been leaning toward the treo 90 because of its size. Sigh.

    In a positive light, the longer we procrastinate hopefully the prices go down.
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    I personally would never go with anything Palm...they make a great OS and that's about it. I bought a Treo 90 a little over a month ago and I love it. It's small, slick, colour, has a keyboard instead of graffiti (an improvement trust me), and a slew of other great features (rechargable battery, SD slot, screen cover..etc).

    P.S. As for the Treo some posts, I've heard a lot of problems with Spring..maybe the 270 is more to your liking, that is if you want integrated cell features...
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    now theres a new pda on my list-the sony sj30. so...what should i get? sony sj30, handspring treo 90, or palm m515?
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    Personally I chose the Treo over the Palm and the Sony. The Sony does have better color and more "bells and whistles", but the Palm had nothing more than the Treo that could justify the cost. The deciding factor was when I went to Best Buy and played with all 3 with the exception of the SJ30. For Sony I played with the NV-70 and 665. I still chose the Treo for price and form-factor mostly.
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    Sony makes a solid product, but there's been a lot of hesitation over the brand since Sony seems to introduce products so frequently and then yanks them from the market in months. The peripheral game with Sony gets confusing since there are so many series that use so many different keyboards, etc.

    I really love my Treo 90. Honestly, they keyboard makes it so simple to use. Handspring added some function to the built-in apps to make them keyboard friendlier. And the Treo Thumboard is by far the most advanced and quickest on the market. A lot of times, I've had my 90 on for 20 minutes before I have to pull out the stylus.

    If you do a massive amount of critical photo viewing, Sony has the edge. But in creating the 90, Handspring put a plastic screen in it, reduced the colors, and put one backlight in the upper right hand corner. The negatives of that are that photos are a little choppy, there's a hotspot in the corner and the color is a bit off. BUT I feel the advantages gained outweigh these. The screen responds faster since it's low res and doesn't have to produce all those colors. And the battery life is the best thing.

    Handsprings design allows the 90 to run about 4 hours of pretty much constant use with the backlight on full. I saw some tests on the Net where the Sony 615 lasts just under 2 hours in the same conditions. I haven't heard anything about a dramatic improvement of charge life in the new Sonys. I think I saw that the Palm ran 3 hours under the same conditions. 33-50% more battery power is a huge plus for the 90. Handspring hasn't admitted it yet, but they did some kind of trick with black and white edges to the pixels that give the screen more depth. So for graphics, which most of us see a lot more of than photos, the 90 excels.

    I also think that the SD slot will become the standard on handhelds, since Palm, Handango and Handspring all have it. So, unless you've got a Sony camera that uses memory sticks, I'd go with the 90.
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    Kevin hit all the major points with the 90.

    I just want to emphasize that if you want just the basics that PDA's offer.. the Treo 90 does a terrific job for the money. When I was shopping around .. I was down to the m515 and the 90.. Being new in the PDA world.. I thought long and hard about the merits of Graffiti vs Thumboard.. today.. I'm convinced that the Thumboard is the way to go. Case in point.. at a meeting today.. I was actually typing my notes directly to my 90 on the fly. NO WAY could I ever write this fast with Graffiti.. No Way.

    I also agree that in many cases, I can get away with using the 90 without pulling out the stylus.

    One more thing.. a big reason I decided to get a PDA is the convenience of not having to whip out the laptop at the airport just so I can jot down a personal reminder.. catch up with reading...and be able to shutdown quickly when its time to board...etc. Also, battery-life played a significant factor in my decision.. in the end.. all the beautiful color and added functionality is useless at 30,000 feet after just a couple of hours of use with no power in sight.
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    Thanks everyone, but i have a few questions.

    1) Doesn't Sony have the advantage, w/ the HiRes Screen and small form factor?

    2) How would you do everything on the Treo 90? Noticing that it doesn't have the normal "Home", Menu, Calc., and Search buttons, how would you do that on the Treo 90?

    3) How easy would it be to convert from a Prism to a Treo 90? Including getting used to the keyboard.

    4) I have an eyemodule. Would there be an SD Camera coming out in the future so that I would be able to take pics w/ the Treo 90?

    5) Would it be easy to take notes on it? I'm planning to temporarly use it as an "e-notebook" for class. I'm an 8th grade.

    and 6) Should I get this, or wait for a PalmOS device from Handspring?

    This would be my 5th Palm/Visor.

    Thanks in advance!
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    1) If hires is critical to what you use your pda for, then go with the Sony. If not, you gain advantages of faster res speed and battery life from the Treo 90's screen. Incidentally the smaller screen size makes the 90 look more HiRes.

    2) There are many hacks that turn your buttons into a launcher. Button Manager and McPhling are faves. I really like LazyLauncher. It's freeware. You hold down a button and a list of apps and prefs pops up. You can scroll with buttons or type the first letter of an app to get to it. Entirely one handed launching. You can also set up a second button to launch desk accessories.

    3) I have an Edge and find myself frustrated with its Graffiti now. I bought the 90 to test apps I'm developing, but now use it as my main machine.

    4) Palm and Panasonic have SD cameras that may be out in time for Christmas. MP3 Player and modem are in the works too.

    5) Memo works great on it. They've modified Memo on the 90 to be keyboard navigable. You can take notes completely without a stylus. Most word processing apps for the palm have been worked so they're keyboard friendly as well.

    6) I assume you mean OS5. The first OS5s from Palm and Sony all look to be about $500 bell and whistle models. Depends on if you want to spend $275 or $500 and if the new features of OS5 will be worth that increase and wait to you. Palm is also releasaing a new OS4 machine so they must expect that many will not want to make the price jump to a machine that costs almost as much as an Ipaq. It appears they feel OS 4 will be valid for a while.

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