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    After using the plantronics m145 boom for my i-300 it was a major disappointment to get the dangling noodle that came with the treo and not be able to use my old plantronics. Which by the way had an in-line mute button, volume and mic volume adjustments.

    But I just received the Plantronics m143-N1 made for the Nokia 3300. The sound quality is awesome, no one can tell I am on a headset and unlike the handspring headset, I don't have to hold the dumb little dangling microphone up to my mouth for people to hear me. Even the color of the headset matches the phone, silverish.

    I searched the web for a week and found the best price. Plantronics website retails for $55.

    I bought it at
    for $20.93. Basically around $25 after tax and shipping. They actually don't try to scam you on shipping, only got charged $3.10. I live in california and I got it in 2 days. They must have distribution here locally.

    I've tried the jabra boom, but the sound is a bit tinny and the ear gel isn't all that comfortable to me. Any headset without a boom picks up way too much background noise. I've liked this design for years because of the slim profile. FYI, you don't really need to use the optional ear hook.

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    This thing will work on a Treo 300?
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    Yes, this works on the treo. As others have stated, Nokia 3300 compatible headsets with the three black bands work on the treo. I have used this for about a week and it is great. Everyone I talk to cannot tell I am on a headset and the volume is great. It is also very comfortable to wear. I have always been a big fan of plantronics, and I still think they are the best in terms of cutting out background noise.
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    will this headset work on a treo 270?

    I hate that dangling earpiece also...

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    I would assume it does, as I have tried it on my friends Treo 180...
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    Thanks Smartphone! Saved me $30 plus bucks. The Plantronics headphones work great.

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    2buystore is out of the M143-N1 but has the M143-N2 - what is the difference? Does anyone know?
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    Originally posted by AJM
    2buystore is out of the M143-N1 but has the M143-N2 - what is the difference? Does anyone know?

    Does the mm143-N2 work with the Treo 270 for sure?

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    Looks like some people have gotten some use out of my recommendation and the N-1 is sold out. The N-2 will should NOT work for the treo it has the type of plug for the nokia's that plug in at the bottom of the phone (charging jack). You want to get the 3-band 2.5mm jack.

    good luck...
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    From the Plantronics web site, it LOOKS like the M133-N1 SHOUTL work - difference is it hangs over the ear instead of in it. Cnet shows a bunch of folks having it in stock:

    I'm going to order one, and will report back.

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    And here's a link to the one that seemed to have the best price including shipping (no personal experience with this vendor, but their website CLAIMS its in stock):

    [Caution - watch the shipping and "handling" prices - one of my pet peeves is outfits that lowball the prices and then charge $10 for shipping when the actual shipping cost is about $3!)
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    I got mine last night and I love it..... Thank you SmartPhone.....
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    My M133-N1 arrived about three days after ordering it from Digitally Unique, and it works just fine.

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    I also scored one of these from DigitallyUnique...the super-low price offset their higher shipping costs. The sound quality is superb at both ends of the call with this headset!

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