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    Just bought my Treo 90 last night and I have a few newbe questions:

    1). Where do I find the keyboard setup so that I can re-map the keys?

    2). I read posts discussing the alarm. Where is it? How can I set it?

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    Go to Home (blue+Home key) and launch the Prefs icon. This will allow you to remap the 4 buttons on the 90 (Datebook, Contacts, ToDo List and Memo).

    As far as remapping the entire keyboard, I think you'll need to use one of the shareware apps for that. There are several suggestions you'll find in this board.

    As for your Alarm question as delivered, I'm only aware of an Alarm feature in DateBook. You set an appointment go to the Details page and you will see a an Alarm checkbox.

    I've had mine for a month and I thoroughly love it!

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    What shareware for re-mapping keys? The only one I've seen is Treokeyboardutils but that only allows you to move the curser there software that allows you to do more than that?
    Goodbye my lovely Treo
    HELLO TG50

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