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    Dear all

    The forum is perfect.

    I decided to ask something. I have a TREO 270 (bought it recently) and until now works fine.

    The only problem is tha twhen I'm sending SMS and I type 1 character (Greek or English) the device "says" that I have typed 2 !! If I type 2 characters the device says 4 !!!! and so on ...

    The result of this is that the message that is produced (Send) by the mobile instead of 100 characters it assumes I have typed 200 (because of the problem), so it sends 2 SMS messages instead of one and the receiving party receives 2 SMS messages.

    Can you tell me what can I do about it?

    Thanks in advance for your help
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    This is strange. Is it possible that it's due to using double-byte characters? What language is your Treo in?

    I don't know enough about GSM SMS and what character encodings it uses. Depending on that, it may or may not be a bug.
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    Dear silverado

    Thank you for ypur reply.

    My Treo's 270 native language is English (US) and I have installed Greek Support (Witch works fine).

    Everything is ok, except the double characters in the SMS message body.

    I Found in this forum something about some kind of SMS libraries. Do yo know how can I find it or reprogram it?

    thanks again
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    Dear creature,
    I have the same problem long time ago (about 3 months) when I bought Treo. The problem lies to the greek translationV which by the way doesn't works properly. I use the PILOC that's still in demo version. Please mail me so we can try to find a solution on this problem.
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    Dear Treo device owners!

    Our company, Paragon Software (SHDD), develops Greek localization
    software for Palm OS based devices - Greek PiLoc:

    This software is completely compatible with Handspring Treo devices.
    What is more: the software is bundled with new Handspring devices sold in Greek by official Handspring distributor - Info-Quest company.

    In fact, up to the moment there was a problem of sending and
    receiving SMS messages in Greek (as well as some other languages) language on Treo devices even you have our PiLoc localization software installed. We have been working in cooperation with Handspring team on this problem. Today I would like to say that the problem is solved. You can use Greek language for sending and receiving SMS on you Treo if you have PiLoc Greek of version 2.23 or higher installed on your device.
    You also have to install some additional SMS support package on you device. We distribute this software budnled with PiLoc Greek.
    Version 2.23 is not released yet. We plan to release it officially
    at the end of this week -beginning of next week.

    For more information - please, go to our web site or contact our
    customer support service:

    Please, contact us if you have ANY problems concerning using Greek
    as well other languages on your Palm OS based device. We'll do our
    best to solve these problem and enable national languages working on
    you Palm OS based ahrdware.

    Best regards,
    Michael Fadeev
    Marketing manager of Paragon Software in Dolgoprudnyj/Moscow region
    Global coordinates: N 5555'30" E 3731'09"
    Phones: +7 (095) 408-61-79, 408-76-77
    Web: (English) (Russian)

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