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    I've got a strange HotSync Problem. Each morning, the first timeI sync my Treo 300 to my laptop (Windows XP), I get a Fatal Error on the PDA. Every subsequent HotSync that day works fine. The sequence then repeats the next day and each day.

    Any thoughts?

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    No idea on your specific issue, but mine has issues with HotSyncing to MS just tends to crash in the middle, I have to End Task for HotSync, reboot the app, and resync...and sometimes that doesn't even clear it out.

    Can anyone help us out here?
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    Are you using Sprint BizConnect software? That seems to be a common problem for a lot of people using it... the latest update seemed to cure the problem for some, though.
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    Originally posted by msetzer

    Are you using Sprint BizConnect software?
    Not I. This would happen with my old Palm/phone. I am, however, syncing to MS Outlook through Chapura...

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