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    i opened a box (when no one was looking-they're shrink-wrapped) up at fry's and lo and behold my treo 300 fits almost perfectly! it overlaps either side around 1/8-1/4 in., and the top is flush with the case. i like the fact that it's exposed on top because you can access all your power and ringer buttons. i clipped it on my back pocket and jumped around like a maniac and it didn't budge. it may fit a little too snug- when i tried to pull the phone out while on my pocket, it's not too hard to pull up the whole case. but just stuff some old socks in it overnite to stretch it out. the material is some sort of nylon hybrid material-looks great. $39 is a bit pricey though-but there's not a case out there like it. anyway i suggest looking at cases made for the ipod (or anything that is similar in shape and size to treo- i found a few cases made for something else that would've worked for the treo) anyway there's my 3 cents...

    here's the apple link for the case:
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    here is a link to a site which sells ipod cases which may work for treo:

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    if you use an ipod case, it must have elastic type sides. i tried to fit it in an all leather case for an ipod and it's way too tight. incidentally here are the measurement comparisons:

    Ipod (20GB model)

    Height: 4.0 in

    Width: 2.4 in

    Depth: 0.84 in

    Weight: 7.2 oz (204 g)

    Treo 300

    Height: 4.4 in

    Width: 2.8 in

    Depth: 0.82 in

    Weight: 5.7 oz (162 g)
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    I wonder if the iWallet would work. Looks pretty nice. See

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