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    I installed the Entourage conduit for OS X, and now I wish I had not done so. Can anyone tell me how to uninstall this so my iMac will sync up with my treo like it does with my TiPB?

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    Just curious, why do you want to delete it?
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    Finally, a reply. I want to delete it because Palm Desktop 4.0 won't sync with this is installed. Not anyway I know. When it was released, I foolishly installed it on my 800 iMac and Dual 1ghz G4 thinking it might work as a sync solution. It didn't. I ended up buying Mark Space's Missing Sync, which works 100%, but Palm Desktop only will sync with Entourage, not the desktop on those two machines. My 800 TiPB works fine because I didn't install the conduit. I'd like my other machine to respond the same way. Maybe I'm just missing something.

    Thanks Always-

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