After trying to use BizConn on my Treo and having numerous problems, I finally called Sprint PCS and got connected to a Tier II techie. He wasn't able to be too helpful.

I then sent an e-mail to Seven (, which is the company that makes the Business Connection software for Sprint PCS.

Lo and behold, I got a phone call today from a very nice woman at Sprint PCS' corporate offices. She had been contacted by Seven about my problem and wanted to get additional information. She was aware of the problem I am having and said they are working with Handspring on the issue. It appears they suspect it is a hardware difficulty with certain Treo 300s. She told me she would call me back when they have more information. There was going to be a working group meeting this afternoon with all the parties.

I also told her about TreoCentral and she pulled it up on her computer while we were talking. She was very interested in learning about the problems people were having with getting PCS Vision activated on their phones.

I have to give Sprint PCS points for good customer service on this one.

I will provide additional information as I receive it.