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    I bought my 300 on 8/11, and was disappointed when the $100 Sprint PDA upgrade by its terms excluded me and other early adopters. I called Sprint, worked my way up to a supervisor, told him this seemed very unfair. He agreed, checked it out and called me back today. He said that they have changed the rebate to make it available for anyone who bought the 300 after 8/10--which I believe was the date the 300 was first available.

    I'm delighted!!

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    Excellent! Handspring said the same thing (after 8/10) about 1 week ago when I called them...which actually goes through Sprint anyway for the rebate.

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    So if I bought mine on 8/14, do I just proceed with submitting the rebate and send in my old PDA, or do I need to get approval by Sprint? Thanks.
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    do you have to purchase the treo from handspring or can you purchase it from somewhere else. I have read the rebate form and it does say you have to purchase it exclusively from handspring. I would like to buy one from compusa, if possible. any thoughts?
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    I bought my 300 from a Sprint store. Reviewing the "save $100" form I downloaded from the Handspring site, I see nothing that refers to the place from where you purchased the 300.

    Also, although I used the term "rebate," it really is a service credit. Not really the same thing, but has the same financial impact for me.

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