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    I've tried a number of headsets on the Treo 300 and none of them work. Are you telling me the only one that works is the sucky dangling spaghetti noodle one that came with it?
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    What you don't like spaghetti?
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    Do a search on headsets or earbuds. There are Nokia headsets (3000/8000 series?) that are compatible.

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    Ditto the advice of zvandiver. Any set that works on the Nokia 3000/8000 will work with the Treo.
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    one other item - yep, the Treo takes the headsets/earbuds that are typically compatible with the Nokia 3000/8000 series. You'll be able to differentiate them from standard 2.5mm plugs by searching for the 3 black circles on the jack (those are called 'tripole' jacks. The 2.5mm ones just have two (called - yes, you guessed it - dipoles).

    My only issue - it seems that the tripole headsets never have any sort of in-line Mute function, which I prefer, over the Mute on the phone (which, strangely enough, also mutes or removes the dialpad commands from working). Anyone found a tripole headset/earbud that has Mute?

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