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    Has anyone taken advantage of this (discontinued) offer and actually received their rebate?

    I mailed in all the form with a used Palm III early June, and am being stonewalled on my inquiries, both by Handspring and the rebate company they used. Makes me wonder if it's another rebate scam.....
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    I would guess most are scams of some sort. How long have you waited? They say it takes about 8-10 weeks once they get all your stuff to process it (even though it takes only a 4 weeks to do that). Then you got to wait the 3 extra weeks for them to send it to you. I guess they're using the cheapest shipping on earth.

    They should have sent you some kind of email with some information. See if you can check the status of a the rebate.
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    Well, I waited 3 months before even starting to investigate. Then:

    - email inquiry to Handspring: they wrote back simply stating such inquiry could not be handled by email, I should call.

    - Phone call to Handspring: Customer Support did not have a clue what promotion I was talking about. She insisted the only deal ever for the 180's were if I bought quantities of at least 10. When I pointed her to their own home page, to a similar promotion going on with the 300's now (Sprint), she disappeared for 10 minutes, finally came back and referred me to another 800 number.

    - The othernumber turned out to be the rebate promotion company, while on hold, they gave out their website.

    - The website is, appears to be a generic rebate processing site. Their lookup features did not find my rebate - not a good sign

    - Email to Customer Service: detailed form, with all the details. Ok, I can naively hope I'll actually get an answer now.

    - response from Customer Service: cookie cutter auto-response, asking for all the details already included in the original inquiriy form. This one does not even have tracking / case no, so I am sure my response will be lost.

    I have no clue where to go from here, in this case I did not even make copies of the submitted rebate form, assuming it was meaningless, since the physical unit (old Palm) had to be mailed as well.

    Kinda wonder if there is ANYONE who actually received this $100 at all.
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    Hmmm....'re at I guess 12 weeks now hmmm...

    Ok, in general the only way to make them give you your money is to make it harder for them to say no...than to say yes.

    Send all letters certified mail. So you can prove they received it.

    If that doesn't work. Send a letter certified mail from a lawyer.

    First try to get Handspring to send you a copy of the original offer. So you can resubmit your paperwork certified mail.

    Annoying these people takes lots of calling and letter writing. But you have to find a real person to talk or write to. Only real people get annoyed. And that's what you want. You want them so annoyed they cough up the dough to get rid of you.

    If you can find out how to talk to a real person at please let us know. I have a rebate with them from

    They couldn't find me on their little stupid search either. They of course say you will be contacted within 2 to 3 days. After doing their form twice. No contact! So if you get your money out of these people let me know how you did it.
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    Here's the phone number for your guys. There's a similar issue with and their rebates. Sees they use the same rebate handling company. Check the General Chat for more information.

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    They can't find my stuff,

    So I have to resend it. This time its going Certified Mail baby!

    I'm also going to call Amazon and ***** at them for using this shell game with rebates. I bet they tell the rebate company that they get a bonus for every rebate they don't have to honor.

    Anyways, here's the email I just got.

    (Thank you for sending your rebate inquiry. I am not showing a record for you in
    our system. If you have retained copies of your rebate submission and purchase
    receipt, please forward these to: Customer Service, Dept. #, P.O. Box 15800,
    Scottsdale, AZ 85267.

    Should you require further assistance, please feel free to contact us at

    09/13/02 12:10:08)
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    You're better off then I am - the Handspring promotion required to send in the actual unit - an old Palm .. .now how am I supposed to copy that?
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    how did you send the old unit? Fed Ex?

    Still have the receipt for that? Call up Fed Ex and have them confirm the delivery.

    If not do you have documentation that you owned the old unit.

    Serial number or something?

    Just follow the document trail...if you can't. Then just send in what you have and call that 800 number. pleasantly annoying.
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    Yes, I received my Handspring rebate check for $100. Took 4 months. I never was asked, nor submitted my old Palm. I made no special inquiries. Yes, I was beginning to wonder....
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    I don't get it, the promotion required to send in an old palm, are you saying you did not send either the palm or the form, yet got the money???

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    Here's what I did; I printed rebate form available from Handspring www site (USA) from which I purchased the 180 during sales in June. I only recall form asking for SN of my previous PalmOS device (a PalmV). Mailed in form with barcode, etc. in late June/early July. Got my check w/o any other intervention in mid-September. Note that both my units were previously registered; the V with Palm and the 180 with Handspring.

    BTWay...<Zoli> = Zoltan here in Hungary. Magyar vagy?

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    Hi Jay,

    (Hat ez sem magyar nev :-) ... de folytatom angolul, a tobbiek kedveert..)

    They may have changed the process, I bought it earlier in May, and at the time you had to send in the actual old unit. If you have a copy of the form, could you send me the address, I don't even have it anymore, (never copied since I figured I can't duplicate the Palm anyway), and of course the form is no longer available @ Handspring's site.

    Zoli (yes, Zoltan...)
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    URL was
    1-page REBATE FORM ($100 off Treo 180) Mail-In Rebate
    I printed mine on 5/23/02 but only mailed late in June to Handspring Treo Trade Up 02-47586, PO Box 9710, McAllen, TX 78502-9710. Questions, call 866- 462-3945. Offer ended June 17, had to be mailed by July 17. Send postal, fax or email address and I'll give you a copy of my blanked-out photocopy. This form only asked for Serial # of Old Handheld and Name of Old Handheld.

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