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    Does anyone know if the Treo 600 will allow you to view WAP enbable web sites? If so how?


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    Blazer supports WAP, but if you want to use some WAP services based on identification of your mobile number (e.g. m-banking, downloads, etc.), you have to put WAP gateway address as a proxy in Blazer settings. Unfortunately this will work only if your operator supports WAP 2.0 and allows TCP/IP connection to WAP gateway.
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    Thank you. I will notify our Network Admin and see if we can make this work. We have some Web based apps that I would like to demo to prospects on the Treo 600 and they are not being recognized as WAP format presently, etc...


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    Does anybody use a wap browser ?
    Treo 600 blaze does not disply correctly a lot of wap sites (i.e. forms didn't work)


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    I just use blazer to access WAP sites
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    Ettore is correct. There are some WAP sites that Blazer will not connect to although Blazer can do some WAP. I think it's not so much that Blazer can't render them, but it's more likely that when Blazer reports what browser it is, the WAP server doesn't think it's WAP. I don't really know, that's just a guess.

    I have found 1 and only 1 WAP browser worth mentioning.
    jBrowser by jataayusoft.

    Now I've had an issue with it, so bear with me while I explain your options here.
    First off, they have a Palm OS version (.prc) but when i try to use it it crashes my Treo. You may want to try, but assuming you have the same problem, you can download the download the "jBrowser for J2ME" (Java.) The Java version (which works on any java enabled phone) works pretty well. It's obviously designed for a flip phone style interface, but it'll work.

    But first you must download and install Java runtime. The good news here is that once you install Java runtime, you can theoretically run any midlet (Java) program, although I've had better luck with some than others.
    Get Java here:
    Download IBM's WebSphere Micro Environment to run Java 2 Micro Edition, It's $6.00.

    Next, go to and you can download (for free) the jBrowser For J2ME 1.0.4

    Now point jBrowser to a WAP site and it should work. is one, although this site works with any browser, you'll notice it looks different.

    Alternatively you can download jBrowser For J2ME directly from but it's the same version as the 1.0.4 that you can get directly from

    So I recommend you download/install J2ME (Java) then install jBrowser (directly download to your treo) from

    Good luck.

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    After my last post, I tried the palm .prc version again. Appearently I didn't have jBrowser configured properly (which is why it would crash.)
    Once I configured it properly with the AT&T wireless wap 1.0 proxy, it worked to access mMode. So I suggest giving it a shot. I don't know enough about it as to why I can'd to a "direct connect" without it crashing like I can with the J2ME version, but as long as you can figure out how to configure the connection settings the palm .prc version seems to work.

    To download it from you'll need to request to download a demo. I haven't figured out how to actually buy it yet, but the demo works for free (and I don't know of a timeout on it either.)

    Here's at least one source of connection profiles:
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    ........"Get Java here:
    Download IBM's WebSphere Micro Environment to run Java 2 Micro Edition, It's $6.00."

    If you tell them you have a Tungsten and not a treo, Java is free
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    Quote Originally Posted by Slartibartfast
    If you tell them you have a Tungsten and not a treo, Java is free
    Yes, that's true and almost posted that. But I figured I'd let someone else say it and not be the baddie.
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    I installed midlet hq and jbrowser in my t600, but the jbrowser always freezes (after I clicked "yes" on user permission check: "Can jBrowser use airtime to send or receive via an http connection until jBrowser terminates?")

    BTW, I am on Tmo (http proxy is set to under "IBM Java Preferences"). Could someone help?
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    I'm fighting with similar problems:
    The Blazer browser of the Treo 600 obviously identifies itself as a real HTML browser. If you would like to access a WAP site which has alternative HTML content, the HTML content is delivered instead of the WAP (WML) content. Different WAP browsers for Palm OS and different GPRS and proxy settings didn't help really and my mobile service provider tells me that the Treo 600 is not supported by their company.

    Now here is a workaround for almost all problems regarding the access of WAP sites with the Treo 600: Use a WAP emulator. A WAP emulator converts the WML content to HTML and thus you can access WAP sites with every HTML browser. The WAP emulator on works fine with my Treo 600. Of course some WAP sites (e.g. with mobile number identification) will not work, but I think this is a fast and simple solution.
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    You can browse full HTML pages with the T650, but it's a drag trying to navigate the page.

    As more mobile portals open surfing the web will be more pleasant. For now I see the best is pdaportal.pqa. It opens a whole new world to mobile browsing.
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    jbrowser is a java based wap browser. very basic but it works. got to have the java vm loaded though.
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