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    Our posts 'crossed', Preston.

    Incidentally, inbox-to-go WOULD work with multiple pop accounts, from what I read on their FAQ page... as long as those accounts fed into one Outlook inbox.

    But their talk of monthly fees scares me. Even at $9.95, that's $120 a year... ouch! And I'm guessing they're aiming at the business market, so I don't forsee a lower price point. Blah
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    Yes, Inbox-to-go offers a treomail functionality I don't need, which is pushing mail through their server. I hope they produce two versions, a "lite" version that that checks pop3 accounts, and a push version that keeps your desktop pc synchronized through their server. I would rather not go through their server and certainly won't at $10/month. But every step in the process is a step where something can go wrong. I emailed them and suggested the multiple version approach but I doubt they see the value in it.

    By the way, docs-to-go itself has a mail synch utility, but mine was eliminated when I installed the beta of inbox-to-go. But that doesn't check mail.

    I figure someone will produce the optimal utility soon, because of the growing number of smart phones.
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    The key to this (and many other facets of the smartphone world) is for it to finally move from early-adopter/geek status (which is currently where it is, I think), to widespread business adoption, to the mass consumer market.

    Each stage has its distinct benefits:

    GEEK: Great for testing, debugging, getting kinks out
    BUSINESSES: Great for demanding robust, secure, and reliable feature set (but content with high price point)
    CONSUMERS: They like what got refined during the Business cycle, but aren't willing to pay top dollar. So in the end, optimally, we all get great stuff without paying an arm and a leg for it.

    Witness the whole cell phone thing.
    Used to get very few minutes for very many dollars, plus be saddled with complex and expensive roaming fee structures, etc.

    I now get 1000 anytime minutes for $40/month, with unlimited LD and no roaming fees, because cell phones have been adopted by the masses.

    Whew... I guess that's a longabout way of saying... lets hope that happens with Treo e-mail packages

    And now I think, at 5:47am, it's probably time for me to quit being a total geek and get some sleep now!

    - Adam

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