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    Okay, so I've been using Basejet (in beta at and I love it! It's been pretty reliable, and I love being able to grab my personal mail off of my home computer on DSL running Outlook.

    I know that other mail programs for the Treo can grab mail from POP addresses, but this doesn't work for me, since I'd have to remember to turn Outlook off (to avoid downloading and removing the mail from the server) before leaving the house and so on, and that'd be a pain.

    But I'm reluctant to put all my eggs in one (Basejet) basket, especially if they end up charging an arm-and-a-leg for the product/service when it's out of beta.

    Are there any other programs that offer this grabbing-mail-from-Outlook ability, and if so, what are they priced?

    Thanks much for the info!

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    If you setup outlook to leave the mail on the server, but delete it in a couple of days, you can set up your palm app to grab your mail (with the setting to leave the mail on the server).

    I check my mail from several different machines (including a treo), but my main machine at home will always have of all incoming mails. I have several pop 3 accounts. On my main PC they are set up to delete downloaded email after 4 days.
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    Inbox-to-go (beta) works , and has the advantage of permitting attachments if you have Docs to go already, but the disadvantage of only checking one pop3 account. Eudora is supposed to have this feature, but it doesn't work reliably for me. Email deleted on the home server won't be deleted in Eudora after you sync.
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    Okay, now I feel like a total dork in a way.
    I set up this incredibly complex forwarding system (don't ask!) when I went on a 5 week vacation, just so I could keep Outlook running/filtering on my PC at home and yet I could still see copies of my mail abroad.

    And all I had to do was set a delay for deleting the mail from the servers?!?!? Ack!

    Unfortunately, this still doesn't quite solve my current problem. I like using Basejet because it basically mirrors my Outlook Inbox... and that inbox contains mail POP'd from several different accounts. Right now Basejet (and from what I understand, other Palm mail apps) can only deal with one server in their config, right?

    If I'm mistaken and it's possible to use other Palm mail apps -- especially freeware apps -- to grab copies of mail on several servers AND work via GPRS, that'd be super!

    Thanks for any additional ideas you might have

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    Eudora can handle multiple pop3 accounts, and check all of them with one keystroke. It may solve your problem depending on the volume of mail. It will take copies of mail from Outlook during hotsync (although you have to watch for that annoying "A Program is trying to read your outlook..." and give permission for it to do so). However, it doesn't do a good job deleting. If you have an email that is on both and you delete it from one, it isn't always deleted from the other.
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    Hmm... I wonder why the Eudora folks haven't figured out how to bypass that annoying Outlook warning dialog box. Somehow the Avantgo / Vindigo / Basejet crowd seems to have managed to bypass that.

    And about the deleting-behavior... that's not that much of a prob, thankfully. Basically, I have all my Outlook mail filtered to various folders depending upon sender/priority/etc... and just keep COPIES in my formal "INBOX." I use my Treo to alert me to critical new messages that need handling (e.g., that hottie swing dancer inviting me to a dance... in 45 minutes!), and am happy to just purge my Treo and Outlook inboxes whenever.

    The only serious downside I could see would be if Eudora stupidly tried to re-download mails on occasion, especially if I happened to be connected to GPRS. That could be some very costly wastage!

    One thing I'm still confused about, though, is the interplay between POP3 accounts and my Outlook inbox. I guess I'll just have to play with that in the future (obviously using dialup, not GPRS!)

    For now, though, I'll just stick with Basejet, since it's performing wonderfully, and keep Eudora bookmarked in case Basejet starts charging a ton when it's out of beta.

    Thanks again for your helpful info!

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    I use loudpc. i allows you to access your email, calendar, tasks, notes, and files from any browser (html or wap). its 59/yr, but its worth it. try
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    Originally posted by ThatAdamGuy

    The only serious downside I could see would be if Eudora stupidly tried to re-download mails on occasion, especially if I happened to be connected to GPRS. That could be some very costly wastage!

    One thing I'm still confused about, though, is the interplay between POP3 accounts and my Outlook inbox. I guess I'll just have to play with that in the future (obviously using dialup, not GPRS!)
    i followed felipe's advice regarding eudora mail for the nearly the same needs you outline above (thanks again felipe) and i can tell you that eudora works fine. in my case, i pop down yahoo mail to my outlook and i don't like the idea of having to turn off outlook every time i go out so that i can dial-in with eurdora to get my mail. i set my outlook preferences as felipe outlined (i.e. even after yahoo pops down mail to outlook, i keep messages on yahoo for 5 days in case i want to dial-up with my treo while outside my home) and i also checked the "delete message on yahoo server if i delete it in outlook" box, which works fine.

    after extensive testing, everything has worked perfectly for me, meaning:

    - no confusion between outlook and eudora mail when synching offline (i.e. new messages on outlook are passed perfectly over to eudora mail and vice versa (and same things with deleting messages)

    - no confusion when receiving/sending email with dial-up eudora from my treo to/from yahoo mail (i.e. eudora does not get confused and download/upload messages twice from yahoo, regardless of if youcheck mail again within one dial-up session or if you dial-up again and check again at a later time)

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    correction: there DOES seem to be a problem with eudora doubling-up email, but it does not happen from dialinginto your isp (yahoo in my case) again to check mail -- it happens from the synching with outlook (which also pulled down the message from yahoo to my pc) afterwards.

    need some time to play around with it but note the following:

    - the problem seems to only happen on the eudora side - not the outlook side (i.e. even if eudora doubles-up the message from hotsynching, if you then synch again your doubled-up messages in eudora with outlook, outlook does not get confused and add the email to itself again)

    - the problem may stem from a difference in the time stamping of emails received and sent. in other words, yahoo's mail (whether received or sent) is stamped with PST time zone, whereas outlook email sent and received is stamped with the EST time zone (which is the time zone my pc is set to)

    example: if an email is received at my yahoo account at 9am EST and i dial-in to pick-up the message with eudora, the email comes up on eudora as having been received at 6am EST (due to yahoo being a PST server). if i disconnect and then dial-into yahoo with eudora again, there is no confusion - eudora knows not to download the email from yahoo twice.

    HOWEVER, since the same email message received at my yahoo account at 9am EST was ALSO popped down to outlook on my pc, this is where the doubling-up trouble happens: the next time i hot synch, eudora picks up the message again from outlook, recognizing it as a new email from the one already pulled down from dialing-in via eudora. strangely, eudora shows the doubled-up email synched from outlook as an email time-stamped in PST.

    in other words, to stick with our previous example, the original email sent to me at my yahoo mail at 9am EST is pulled down by eudora and displayed as if it were received at yahoo at 6am EST; then outlook pulls it down from yahoo and shows it on my pc as having been received at 9am EST (the correct time zone for me); then if i synch outlook and eudora 15 minutes later at 9:15am EST, the 9am EST email received on outlook is synched from outlook to eudora again, but it comes up on eudora after the synch as having been received at 6:15am!!!

    any suggestions on why this is happening and what a work-around might be would be appreciated.


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