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    I'm absolutely in love with this phone!

    I'm glad that I didn't wait for a Sony P800.....this phone is turning out to be everything I needed in a phone.....

    here are a few quick review notes-

    This thing ROCKS! Just turn the volume up REAL high and you got one awesome speakerphone! Very loud, even in loud places....

    I thought I was a Graffiti man for life, but I LOVE THIS KEYBOARD! To hell with the Kyo! I'm keepin' my keyboard! And believe me, you will be surprised at how much you love this thing.......if you're already a good typist, you're gonna be a WHIZ on this keyboard

    Good enough......Prism is the best screen ever made on a PDA, but this screen is above average....

    Functionality of Palm with Cell phone----
    Excellent! Just sync in your addresses and you're ready to dial ANY NUMBER....

    Syncing, with a Mac----
    Both IR and Missing Sync work like charms! I highly recommend both....if you use Missing Sync though, make sure you get the updater for it.....

    Cool Applications-----
    After installing PQA's, I've got AOL Mail and IM running on my Treo and they both work great! Blazer is an excellent browser too! I'm glad I purchased 8 more MB's!

    Not perfect, but probably the best you'll find out of any cell phone company. Lets put it this way- if you're reception even has HALF a bar, you're gonna have a CRYSTAL CLEAR call.......and in most places, reception is great! (Except for my apartment unfortunately.....the only place in Pasadena that doesn't get Sprint)

    My wallet is bigger than this thing.......I use the left pocket for the wallet, the right pocket for keys and the Treo.......perfect fits!

    $500 is STEEP.....but if you use your Palm often, as well as your cell, then its well worth the money!

    I hope that helps

    Handspring, if you're reading this.......THANK YOU (but please add BlueTooth to the next line)
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    I think that will be the deciding factor between the 300 and the Kyocera 7135 for many people. Keyboard or SD slot. I love the Treo, but for me, the memory slot is huge.

    If the Treo 300 had a memory slot to go with that keybaord, I probably wouldn't consider the 7135. But they didn't, so I am
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    Handspring, thank you very little for NO Mac support for the 300.

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    Read the other threads before you accuse.

    Sprint does not want to support Mac (since all of their sales reps are trained on PCs only), so they asked Handspring to leave native Mac support out until they were ready to handle all of the Mac support without Sprint's help. Rumor has it Handspring is doing just that and we will see native Mac support in the next couple of months. Besides, who was the first company EVER to support Mac out of the box for Palm OS? Handspring...
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    What makes you think that Handspring isn't now capable of supporting the Mac and Treo 300? They support the Mac on every other device they make/sell.
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    Originally posted by MbassadorK
    What makes you think that Handspring isn't now capable of supporting the Mac and Treo 300? They support the Mac on every other device they make/sell.
    Handspring doesn't support the Treo 300 at all. If you go to their web page, it clearly states that any support or repair issues involving the 300 are to be referred to Sprint.

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