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    I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Treo 90 SDIO drivers. I am going to go get me a Bluetooth card right off so I can synch and surf in the vicinity of my PC.

    Anyone know of any other cool SDIO devices out there? I have heard of the Margi presenter and a possible camera. Are there more likely to appear soon?

    My bet is that we'll see the driver from HS any day now.
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    I'm thinking GPS and maybe a camera. The Toshiba website has a lot in future developments for the SD/IO line. I really would like to see something WiFi for an exsisting home 802.11b network.
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    I hope you are correct on the driver timing.

    I'll probably wait for an SD WiFi card. I know at least one company is working on it:

    I haven't seen a release date, but the rumor is by the end of the year.
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    Good deal... If they release as expected that should give me time to recover from the purchase of the Treo so that I can buy goodies for it.
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    Bluetooth all the way! maybe a bluetooth hotsync would get around the sync problems in OS X!

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