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    Originally posted by DaleReeck
    Some people prefer data support more than they need a voice cellphone. For those people, the Yiso device might work well - get data with some basic voice capabilities. There's nothing wrong with that.
    I'm all about data, however the scant few calls I receive are mission critical so create a special category just for me. :-)
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    Sounds like you've read Carlos Castaneda's "Journey to Ixtlan" :-)

    Actually never have. I watched Doctor C spend hours and hours honing his Treo 300 and the Sprint network to maximize his user experience. I just think its funny that as soon as things start settling down a little bit, he is off on another tangent that is not necessarily better, only different and a considerable challenge as well.

    Wonder what Doctorc's longest run has been with a communications device. How long has he been content to use a device before turning to the next challenge.

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